Where does Black Friday come from? (B2)

You'll find out watching this Youtube video.

Watch or listen to it. Did you hear these words, dates and phrases? What do each of them tell us about the origins and meaning of Black Friday in American culture?

accounting records
thanksgiving parades
we keep buying into it
135 million people

You´ll find the script below.

There's also an interesting listening activity from esl-lab:


Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin. So, the holidays are right around the corner and with that for most comes holiday shopping. Unless you're me I don't really need to buy things, they just kind of appear See? Many people wait until Black Friday to do all of their holiday shopping because that's when most of what they want is on sale but where did this day come from? How has it gotten to be what it is today? Let's find out:

The Friday after Thanksgiving was coined Black Friday in the nineteen sixties to kick off the holiday shopping season. In America it's basically its own holiday. The black in Black Friday refers to stores moving from a loss to a profit. Back in this time, accounting records were handwritten, red ink indicating loss and black ink a profit, but who decided that this day was the day to kick it all off?  The answer: Retailers. Many retailers didn't set up holiday displays or advertise holiday sales until after thanksgiving was over. It was a way to get people to immediately start spending after the turkey palooza was over. Stores sponsored Thanksgiving parades like the Macy's parade are still common to this day. Oftentimes Santa would appear at the end of the parade and Santa is really good at getting people in the holiday spirit.

Black Friday became what it is today because we keep buying into it. I bet you to know that back in the day when FDR was president. Thanksgiving was actually the last Thursday of November and since the following Friday marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season they weren't as many days for people to do their spending. In 1939 President Roosevelt changed the oficial data Thanksgiving to the second to last Thursday November instead of the last. This move lengthened the holiday shopping season and his hope was that the change would boost sales for retailers while in turn boosting the economy. Many people were stuck in their traditions however, so Roosevelt signed a bill to officially make Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November. Nearly 135 million people shop on Black Friday each year. Are you one of them? What are you hoping to get for Christmahanakwanzika? Make sure you come back every Monday for a brand new video. I'm block oh this has been like Magan don't forget to keep on thinking.