Phrasal Verbs 9

give sby away
reveal hidden information about sby
His wife gave him away to the police.
give sby away
take the bride to the altar
My father gave me away at my wedding.
give sthg away
ruin a secret
My little sister gave the surprise party away by accident.
give sthg away
give sthg to sby for free
The library was giving away old books on Friday.
give sthg back
return a borrowed item
I have to give these skates back to Franz before his hockey game.
give in
reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
My boyfriend didn't want to go to the ballet, but he finally gave in.
give sthg out
give to many people (usually at no cost)
They were giving out free perfume samples at the department store.
give sthg up
quit a habit
I am giving up smoking as of January 1st.
give up
stop trying
My maths homework was too difficult so I gave up.