Phrasal Verbs 10

go after sby
follow sby
My brother tried to go after the thief in his car.
go after sthg
try to achieve sthg
I went after my dream and now I am a published writer.
go against sby
compete, oppose
We are going against the best soccer team in the city tonight.
go ahead
start, proceed
Please go ahead and eat before the food gets cold.
go back
return to a place
I have to go back home and get my lunch.
go out
leave home to go on a social event
We're going out for dinner tonight.
go out with sby
Jesse has been going out with Luke since they met last winter.
go over sthg
Please go over your answers before you submit your test.
go over
visit sby nearby
I haven't seen Tina for a long time. I think I'll go over for an hour or two.
go without sthg
suffer lack or deprivation
When I was young, we went without winter boots.