Phrasal Verbs 7

eat out
eat at a restaurant
I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's eat out.
end up
eventually reach/do/decide
We ended up renting a movie instead of going to the theatre.
fall apart
break into pieces
My new dress fell apart in the washing machine.
fall down
fall to the ground
The picture that you hung up last night fell down this morning.
fall out
separate from an interior
The money must have fallen out of my pocket.
fall out
(of hair, teeth) become loose and unattached
His hair started to fall out when he was only 35.
figure sthg out
understand, find the answer
I need to figure out how to fit the piano and the bookshelf in this room.
fill sthg in
to write information in blanks, as on a form (BrE)
Please fill in the form with your name, address, and phone number.
fill sthg out
to write information in blanks, as on a form (AmE)
The form must be filled out in capital letters.
fill sthg up
fill to the top
I always fill the water jug up when it is empty.
find out
We don't know where he lives. How can we find out?
find sthg out
We tried to keep the time of the party a secret, but Samantha found it out.