How to stay motivated when learning a language, 2nd part. (B2).

This is the second tip Benny Lewis in his blog Fluent in 3 months:, on how to keep motivated when we feel like giving up.
Like last week, we’ve taken out some words for you to choose from the list below. Again, you can check your answers by getting back to the original text (link above). 

Tip 2: Stop wasting time online.
It’s time to learn and you’re ___________ to get started! You switch your computer on, __________ over the keyboard, ready to rock and roll.
Then you think: I might just quickly check my emails.
An hour later you’ve organised your inbox, created a new playlist on Spotify, ___________ your ex on Facebook and spent a good ten minutes wondering what that unidentified $17 payment on your __________ could possibly be.
That’s a whole hour which could have been otherwise spent learning adverbs, practising pronunciation, speaking with a language exchange partner… anything other than wasting time on the Internet.
In a world where an individual’s ____________ lasts as little as nine seconds, it is incredibly challenging to motivate yourself to focus on the task at hand.
It would be nice, of course, to simply use a bit of self-control. Yet sometimes we need a little extra help.
If you find yourself easily distracted while online, consider installing an extension on your ____________ that forces you to keep on task. StayFocusd for the Chrome web browser is perfect for this. Once installed, you can configure it to restrict the amount of time you spend on certain websites. For example, if I were to _____________ myself ten minutes a day on Facebook, after I had reached the time allowance StayFocusd would block Facebook until the end of the day. If you’re using Firefox rather than Chrome, Leechbox does the exact same thing.
allocate; attention span; bank statement; browser; eager; poised; stalke.